I have had chronic pain and instability in my shoulder for 2 years…only came out when playing baseball and golf. I stopped playing both sports because the pain would be debilitating, went and saw Jason just to give Prolo a try. He did 2 treatments including trigger point injections and prolotherapy and the change was amazing. After the first treatment I waited 2 weeks and took it really easy in baseball and was very surprised at the improvement…after the 2nd treatment and rest period I have been PAIN FREE and unlimited in both sports for months now. His treatments gave me back a passion I thought I had lost forever.

Will M.


Jason is absolutely exceptional! I am a Powerlifter and he worked on various issues with me including my swelling knee (old surgery issue) and calf/hamstring, as well as the rehab that was needed on my neck, traps, shoulders,and surrounding areas due to past chronic car accident injuries. This was all done in a minimal amount of sessions which really surprised me as well as the fact that it was my very first experiencewith acupuncture. I was also suffering from intense chronic tension headaches/migraines due to my neck injuries which have significantly decreased in frequency and duration since my sessions. Now I see Jason for regular maintenance. I cannot recommend Jason enough and I put my full trust in him to care for my needs. He listens well, is very intuitive and has an intense passion for helping people. He also specializes in assisting athletes stay at the top of their game and I recommend him very highly. Thank you Jason!!

Agata K.
I saw Jason because I had tried everything to relieve the stress and tension in my shoulders, neck, and arms. This tension had started causing problems in my back and I tried chiro, physio, regular stretching but didn’t have prolonged relief. After seeing Jason, I have full mobility in my arms, no back pain, and no more headaches. Thank you Jason for pin-pointing my problem!

Leisa J.


As a patient you never feel rushed. Jason really takes the time to answer questions and is really committed to finding the right solution and making it work. He truly cares about helping his patients.I had tendonitis in my hands that made it difficult to work at my computer, play my musical instrument, and I had to stop working out. I can’t believe how only one trigger-point-injection session helped me return to my work and hobbies–and so soon after the session. I saw marked improvement, as much as 85%, over the following few days, and gradual improvement every couple of days over the past 2 weeks since the appointment.

Vesna M.


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